10+ Tips on Buying a Used Car

1.Year old cars are MUCH cheaper than new cars

The average new vehicle has a list charge of round £28,500. but by the time it’s three hundred and sixty five days old with 10,000 miles on the clock it fees simply £21,000 – a discount of greater than 27% inside the first one year. inside the second yr the depreciation price is in all likelihood to sluggish via roughly half (so the second one year, this common automobile might lose round £3,750 in value).

So choosing a year-antique version will dramatically scale back the in advance price. There are exceptions if you’re picking a plush model. brands that maintain their cost nice generally tend to consist of Mercedes and Porsche – so you may not see too many yr vintage luxury vehicle deals obtainable.

2.Revealed: The cheapest cars to run

To prevent time and strength trying to work this out, automobile professionals have already performed this research. you can evaluate going for walks charges of different models, inclusive of those you are looking to shop for, on numerous web sites, together with Parkers and What car?. however, observe those regulations to domestic in on the cheapest cars:

  • Smaller engines may be inexpensive. the choice of a 1.0-litre or a 2.0-litre engine isn’t pretty much natural horsepower. A massive engine will commonly burn extra gasoline than a smaller one. So engine size is a vital attention if gasoline economy is an important element in your selection.

Of route, this depends on how you operate the car. A small engine is maximum green while it’s used as supposed, including to pootle round metropolis. If a small engine is used a high                   velocity, it’s going to want to paintings a whole lot harder to preserve the car shifting – burning extra gas.

  • Petrol vehicles have a tendency to be cheaper than diesel. Diesel engines are frequently greater most economical than their petrol opposite numbers. but don’t be fooled into questioning this in reality makes diesel a higher choice. these vehicles are extra expensive, and that they normally price greater on the pump than petrol.
  • Manual cars are inexpensive than computerized. Switching among gears is greater paintings – particularly to the ones folks prone to stalling at traffic lights. yet whilst automatics take a number of the problem out of riding, they come with a better charge tag.

A guide Audi A3 diesel hatchback, as an example, costs £20,801. This compares to the automatic version, at £22,290 – or a upward push of £1,489. but many automatics are more fuel-green than their manual opposite numbers, as they ‘understand’ the excellent tools to be in, so that you should recoup the more price through the years.

  • Hybrid automobiles are cheap to run, however price more to shop for. era is enhancing regular with current hybrids coming in all styles and sizes, from superminis to luxury SUVs. gasoline-economy and reasonably-priced or even zero tax rates make component-electric powered fashions appealing, like the Toyota Prius. they also tend to preserve their cost for resale.

however they commonly cost greater to buy – so weigh up the financial savings.

  • Check CO2 emissions, as it impacts the responsibility you pay. shoppers of the maximum polluting cars pay the most street tax. however pick out a car (inclusive of the emission-unfastened hybrid Toyota Prius) that produces much less than 100g of CO2/km and you may pay not anything in any respect.

a mean circle of relatives-type car, like a Volkswagen golf, will set you again £30 a yr. See a full list of car Excise responsibility fees plus how to calculate yours.

  • Smaller vehicles are less expensive to insure. if you’re seeking to save money, you’ll need a automobile that’s cheap to cowl. The most inexpensive to insure have a tendency to have a lot in common, inclusive of length. placed actually, it’ll value you greater to insure a 4×4 than a small metropolis runaround.
    automobiles are placed in organizations ranked between one and 50, the usage of research by the Motor insurance restore research Centre (Thatchem). this is primarily based of various information which includes overall performance, safety features, price of a new version and value of spare elements. The Hyundai i10, as an example, is one of a handful of cars in group one, and for this reason is cheap to insure.

Test the insurance institution score of the precise model you have got in thoughts earlier than shopping for at Thatcham research. The better the wide variety, the bigger your top class is likely to be. it is also really worth checking our cheap automobile insurance manual to look what the probably fee is.

All of the above’s essential, but if you need to nail absolutely the most inexpensive motors to run, here they are (although do word these are all smaller automobiles):

3.The best time to buy a used car

As soon as you’ve determined what automobile to pick, now you need to know a way to get the high-quality deal. One way to lower costs is to shop for at the right time.

Dealers have objectives to meet, with bonuses up for grabs. commonly, these are based on quarterly income, making the stop of March, June, September and December a terrific time to buy. They need to shift vehicles, so may be extra willing to barter and provide appealing finance packages.

However, if you’re buying from a non-public supplier, there is not likely to be a good or awful time. non-public dealers don’t have objectives to meet, aside from the charge they need to acquire. if you’re shopping for this manner, keep a watch on costs a few months before you truely buy – if they may be heading down, you could need to attend. Heading up, and it’s prudent to buy faster.

For a quiet time, try and keep away from weekends, or the begin of the month, simply after payday. A dealership stuffed with wannabe customers isn’t a terrific region to good buy tough.

In case you’re buying privately, it’s also well worth selecting it slow when other potential customers is probably away. this may be over Christmas, or deep into the summer season vacations. think about the style of vehicle too. summer is when drivers dream of buying convertibles, making winter an amazing time to haggle for a deal on one.


4.’What car do I need?’ checklist

Earlier than you begin browsing for the ‘one’, reflect onconsideration on what you actually need from a car. There’s no point shopping for a -seater convertible in case you’re about to begin a circle of relatives, so workout what is sensible. Ask your self:

  • What are my critical necessities? sufficient room for the own family? A cheap car to run? A sporty variety? reflect onconsideration on what you need…
  • Do I need the auto to do whatever particular? this can encompass towing a trailer or becoming right into a small area.
  • Is it for quick city drives or longer dual carriageway journeys? Does it want so as to cruise at highway speeds with out straining?
  • what is better, petrol or diesel? The fuel you need to use can make a huge distinction within the model you would possibly pick.
  • Do I want a big boot? don’t forget whether or not you need room for matters including sports system or a pushchair – or if you want to fit friendly Fido or your meddling mom-in-law.
  • Do I want to don’t forget an eco-friendly car? if so, a hybrid or electric powered automobile might be an option. The price greater to begin with however a few come with authorities offers,
  • Eg, the BMW i3 has a £five,000 supply.

5.Need to flog your current car? Selling privately can net you 20% more than part-exchanging


In case you need to flog your current wheels, you’ve got two options. you may either component-exchange the automobile at the dealership, in which the provider offers you a fee and knocks it off the entire price of the car you’re shopping for. Or you can sell privately – wherein you listing the automobile and get cash from the person that buys it.

  • Part-change.this could keep numerous trouble, however it’s rather not likely to be MoneySaving. sure, it stops you having to advertise the auto or address potential consumers, however, and that is a massive but, you also received’t get as tons as promoting privately. consider, the supplier can pay less than your automobile’s cost so it is able to circulate it along at a income. So weigh up gives carefully.
  • Selling privately. that is greater time ingesting, however you’re possibly to get extra for the car, if you’re organized to position the effort in. options consist of categorized listings on Gumtree (free), PistonHeads (30-day ad is £11.99), Autotrader* (one-week ad is free for cars underneath £1,000, while automobiles over £1,000 can be listed from £36.ninety five) and vehicles (12-week loose advert). different options consist of promoting the car on eBay or facebook.

We investigated how a good deal greater you would get promoting your automobile privately, and a look for the cost of numerous models on Autotrader.co.uk found the fee difference changed into frequently 20% greater selling privately as compared with component-change.

6’How much will it cost me?’ checklist

Before you begin doing your sum you want to determine what automobile you want.

you could take a look at out every model online. What vehicle?, Carbuyer, sincere John and Parkers are among the first-class web sites for research functions – and don’t forget about the top tools web site for lots of on-line reviews.

There are kinds of fees you want to price range for: upfront and ongoing. take a look at you’ve got thought approximately all the following and budgeted for them:

  • Any upfront charges. once you’ve determined to buy a car, you’ll of path should pay for it. you can both pay the complete price prematurely or take out a finance deal. Whichever way you select, count on to at least pay some form of down price before you power off.
  • Finance repayments. if you’ve taken a personal loan, or supplier finance, you may need to aspect in payments – read more on your finance alternatives.
  • Gasoline. To work out the hard cost of walking a brand new automobile, the Gov.united kingdom website has a fuel consumption seek device. Motoring website honest John additionally has a handy ‘real MPG’ segment in which drivers have reported what number of miles in step with gallon they certainly get. See our cheap Petrol manual for the way to cut expenses.Tax. you may take a look at out how tons avenue
  • Tax you may want to pay at the Gov.united kingdom website. you may also look for vehicles in a selected tax band (A-M depending on the auto’s CO2 emissions). The price of tax variety from £zero to over £1,000 in yr one. general quotes then follow, at as much as £500/yr.
  • Vehicle insurance. The value of insurance is based totally on how much of a threat insurers perceive you to be. Eg, in case you are a teen who’s simply passed your test, you’ll pay more for your cowl. Plus, taking breakdown cowl will bump up the price. New automobiles often come with a yr’s worth of breakdown cowl. See our cheap vehicle insurance and Breakdown cover courses for recommendations on the way to reduce prices.
  • MOTs. as soon as the auto’s 3 years vintage, you’ll must pay for an MOT each 12 months, which charges £54.85 (for the take a look at). Use our MOT manual for MoneySaving tips, which includes getting the take a look at at neighborhood council centres, that may prevent £100.
  • Servicing. you’ll need to get your vehicle serviced regularly, typically as soon as a year, even though it varies by version. Servicing guarantees it’s safe to power and maintains the manufacturer’s guarantee valid. A recurring provider commonly starts offevolved round £one hundred twenty.
  • Parking allows and tolls. unless you’ve got free parking in which you stay, or a storage, you may in all likelihood should pay for a resident’s allow. check your council website to look how a lot this prices. don’t forget any prices to park at work in case you power there too, in addition to toll fees you could face alongside the way.
  • Other spending. New tyres, repairs and valet cleans can upload up, so ensure there’s a few breathing room to your budget. So permit multiple £100s greater for additional spending in line with year – simply in case.

7.Check as many dealerships as possible and pit them against each other

Ask all the sellers in your area for their excellent deal in your 2d-hand vehicle of preference. in case you’re prepared to tour some distance and wide to discover a rock-backside charge, increase your radius. Make a word of the pleasant rate, and ask others to overcome it.

You can constantly pass lower back for your neighborhood provider to invite if they’ll match the high-quality provide. They might be keen in your coins, and glad to offer the same deal.

8.Always haggle!

Haggling isn’t reserved just for backstreet bazaars, it is a provider’s traditional ability – and it’s expected of you, too – so good buy difficult, and play Arthur Daley at his personal recreation. the first rule is that you should by no means pay the list rate of the auto – you’ll be a fool at hand over the entire price (until shopping for online, where your haggle possibilities are restrained!).

Arm your self with the cheapest internet costs and make dealers compete for your custom – What automobile? lists a reachable ‘target’ rate for all modern vehicles. Print this out and persist with it all through negotiations.

Haggling may be daunting, even for hardened MoneySavers, but there’s nothing to be terrified of. right here are some of Martin’s top processes (more in our Haggling guide).

  • The novice’s haggle – get them to chuck some thing in for free. sellers frequently say they’re not allowed to offer reductions but in case you’re new to haggling, an easy begin factor is calling them to throw something in on top. whether it is unfastened sat-nav or ground mats, if you need an upload-on, try no longer to pay extra for it.
  • Look for already-discounted automobiles. If the charge is already decreased, there is regularly greater flexibility. the limits have already been flexed and the psychological loss for the salesclerk is reduced as they have already given up on the concept of having complete fee.
  • Don’t fill the silence. As negotiations come to a near, a traditional income approach is staying silent. They need you to just accept the fee simply to fill the awkward silence. lead them to fill it with a inexpensive provide.
  • Stroll away – get them to call you back. Psychologically, in the event that they need to chase you, as opposed to you being first-rate keen, is much more likely to result in a higher deal.
  • Flaws imply discounts. look for the tiniest of dents or scratches. This makes them more hard to flog, however nonetheless flawlessly pleasant to force. Keeerching!
  • Play them off towards every other. this is covered in the point above but well worth mentioning again. To honestly up the haggling, do not target dealers in isolation. try to play off a range of towards every different. This has two blessings: it gives you a strong basis and it prods their competitive instincts for your favour, as they need to show they are better than the opposition.
  • Be pleasant, but company. you are more likely to get a end result if the body of workers member empathises with you. in case you’re well mannered, captivating and treat the complete system with humour, you’ll get in addition.
  • Watch for the “whack-a-mole” effect. Haggle at the charge of the automobile, and the provider might then price extra for the finance. Haggle at the finance, and there is probably no wiggle room on the price of the automobile. it is really worth doing your sums to peer how plenty each saving from haggling could be – and taking the most valuable.
  • Ask for the solar and you can just get the moon. don’t forget, do it with humour, do it with style and there’s no charge or proposal too outrageous. you may haggle truly everywhere for whatever.

MoneySaving fulfillment testimonies

“By no means sign up the day – walk away. you may begin getting smartphone calls/emails the following days with better offers… i finished up with my target change in, £2,000 off listing fee and a pair of.nine% APR on a Ford Fiesta. It turned into four.nine% APR however they dropped to two.9% after I walked away.”

if you’re buying privately, it in no way hurts to make a suggestion. The worst they are able to say is no. or even if you walk away then, the vendor ought to call you back if there’s been little further hobby.


9.Buying a used car checklist: What to look for?

It is no longer pretty much rocking up and liking the look of the auto – rather you need to take a look at the entirety, from the paintwork to the tyres, seatbelts and headlights. ensure you follow our 9 matters to test:

  • Take a look at the car’s mileage. The common included is around 10,000 miles a year, so if the odometer’s discern seems wildly out for its age, ask why. If the solution doesn’t stack up, be suspicious. Crooks can also have ‘clocked’ the odometer. you could additionally check the remaining service for the mileage to peer if this is in step with the parent.

An HPI check (see factor 12) will also check this, as well as inform you if the car’s previously been written off, or reduce-and-shut (elements from two automobiles welded together). watch out for category D motors too. these had been in crashes formerly, and often value £1,000s less than you would assume. here’s the category D lowdown.

  • General circumstance. cast a beady eye over the automobile’s condition, crouching right down to look for scratches and dents.
  • Take a look at upkeep. See if there are any signs and symptoms of terrible restore, inclusive of gaps among body panels after crash damage.
  • Check the oil. try this by using lifting out the dipstick to peer if the level’s correct.
  • The engine. have a look at the engine for symptoms of oil or water leaks, in addition to the encircling components – and look below the automobile for any signs of leaks too.
  • Take a look at the radio. Plus all other gadgets to make sure they work.
  • Turn on the lights! check these work, and that you may open and near the windows easily.
  • Is it safe? Vitally, does the car seem in safe condition to power. believe your intestine – if the seats are sagging and the car looks like it’s geared up for the scrap heap, hold your search somewhere else.
  • What about the tyres? test for tread and inflation.

10.Diesel cars are more fuel efficient – but won’t be worth it for most…

Diesel engines are frequently greater fuel-efficient than their petrol counterparts. however don’t be fooled into questioning this really makes diesel a better option.

It is feasible to pay nearly something you want for a used vehicle, though you generally tend to locate that diesel cars – even used – are slightly greater high priced than petrol. however, where people suppose diesel is plenty better price is on the petrol station forecourt. And this has a tendency to be authentic – even in latest environment in which petrol and diesel charges are tons of a muchness,

Allow’s take an example. A diesel Ford Fiesta can supply 59mpg as compared with the petrol version’s 39mpg (each in step with What automobile’s proper mpg calculator) this means that that on a 10,000 miles in line with yr basis, you’ll spend £six hundred extra filling up the petrol automobile than you’ll at the diesel (this assumes diesel and petrol are each approximately 120p according to litre, as at 25 Jan 2017).

But, you want to remember that now not every body will attain these mpgs. in case you’re now not doing everyday, long trips where the engine’s most green, then it’s not likely you’ll genuinely make any financial savings from going for the diesel model. in case you simply want a car for pootling around city, it’s probably a small petrol or electric car can be your satisfactory wager.

Both offer their personal benefits – and understand that gasoline charges range, so test those at the time of purchasing.

✔ Greater most economical – better mpg
✔ Engines generally extra robust – closing longer
✔ Ideal for long journeys
✕Automobiles fee greater to shop for
✕Automobile excise obligation is inexpensive on diesel motors
✕Pricier parts if repair wished
✕Commands better resale values than equivalent petrol fashions
✕Gasoline is oftenmore luxurious inside the united kingdom

✔ Petrol is usually less expensive within the uk
✔ Right for brief trip
✔ Engines are greater responsive – suit ‘performance’ motors
✕Often less dependable than diesel motors
✕Automobile excise duty is greater high-priced
✕Vehicles lose price barely faster
✕Engines much less efficient and use more gas
✕So earlier than you choose one or the other, check real MPG values from What car? and honest John. they may give you a far more accurate picture than the producer’s ‘professional’ MPG stats.

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