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Gradually, more and more information about the survival shooter Fortnite come to light. So, at the beginning of your adventure, you have the choice of choosing between four different character classes that are differentiated by their respective abilities. There should be something for every type of player. For example, if you’re more interested in building your fortresses than blowing one enemy at a time, the Constructor class is right for you. Although each character can fight and build, but with this class, the crafting possibilities are much more diverse and cheaper than other game characters.

Contructor, Commando and Ninja

In contrast, the Commando class is an all-round fighter, as you know it from other shooters. In addition, this character can use grenades and mines. One of the fastest and most agile classes is Ninja. With a double jump and his katanas, he makes enemies out of his enemies before they even see him coming. Throwing stars and smoke bombs are also among his combat tools. The scavenger, in turn, is suitable for the looters among you. With this fighter, you collect your loot faster and can thus provide your fellow players with supplies of various things. Each class is also available in a male and female form. But they should not be the only classes. Over time, the American developer wants to deliver more types. Source:Game Informer



During the day, you will gather resources to build a fortress for the night. Because at night the most disgusting creatures appear.

The third-person shooter Fortnite Battle Royale is all about the art of survival. Life could be so nice. During the day, there is a deceptive silence in the mysterious world. Together with your friends, you will search for weapons, traps, and other items that may come in handy later. An all-encompassing darkness has turned the land into a wasteland and you have to rebuild it. However, once the storm rekindles, the environment transforms into a fire-dangerous environment. The only chance to survive is to act as a team and close the gates through which the monsters invade your world.

In addition to collecting weapons and traps, you develop your character in this download gamealso role play typical further. With new abilities and qualities you defy your opponents and win one victory after the other. There is no fight like the other. The environment changes over and over again and presents you with new challenges. Luckily, you’re also skilled in craftsmanship and you make your ultimate killing machine. For example, mount a chainsaw to your rifle, then you can survive in close combat. Should the monsters still be able to break your defenses, you’ll have to cram the holes back quickly. If you take on this task, you decide. Either you push your opponents back and cover your teammates, or you slip into the role of builder and pull up massive walls in the middle of a firefight. But hurry up,

Once you are fed up with monsters and other minions, you can also compete against other players in various PvP modes. For the necessary optical brilliance provides the working in the background Unreal Engine 4. Although you need a powerful computer for this, but you will also be offered a true graphic splendor in Fortnite Battle Royale .


There are new tanks and planes in War Thunder and a significantly improved graphics thanks to Dragor Engine 5.0.

Was Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment has released the big update 1.77 for War Thunder called “Advancing Storm”. Thus, the Russian developer has implemented some new content, but also delivered great technical improvements. Because with the update, the dragor engine used was raised to version 5.0. And that means that the free action game looks noticeably better. Expect a fancier shadow display, better antialiasing, more detailed landscapes and even new weather effects: after it has rained, puddles remain on the streets.

But not only visually, something has happened, but also acoustically. According to Gaijin Entertainment, the individual sounds in War Thunder now consist of several sound layers, which is why they sound much better and more realistic. Thus, even better sounds from your speakers when you process your opponents to metal scrap.

If you’re up for new vehicles, you’ll be well served with “Advancing Storm”. On the tank side, there are five new entries. Among other things, you can look forward to the Soviet T-64B, which has a launch device for the Cobra anti-tank missile. The French AMX-30B2 Brenus is equipped with a dynamic armor. The German Leopard 2K is characterized by its high mobility. And he not only moves fast, but also shoots very fast, thanks to his rapid-fire cannon. Rounding out the portfolio of new tanks in War Thunder by the British Challenger and the American M1 Abrams.

For those in the war game Better to take off, Gaijin’s “Advancing Storm” serves new aircraft and also enhances some of the existing models. Among them are the Martin MB5, which represents an alternative to the Spitfire in the British research tree of War Thunder, and the La-200 of the Soviets.


Farmerama, the free farm game, is expecting a new event quest on Bahamarama just in time for the weekend.


That may sound funny only once, but yes: In the new event quest in free building gameFarmerama it comes to feed statues, but not any. The task is more or less tied to the current “Hunt for the Red Diamond” event with Katzlvania Jones. The adventurous kitty is on the road in the temple on Bahamarama and comes across many locked doors. But there is an easy way to open them: just plant the fruit in the mouths of the statues of the voracious volcanic lizard.

Any Farmerama player building a farm on Bahamarama and unlocking the corresponding chambers in the temple can play the new Event quest. Before you accept the task, you should wait until your trees are ready for harvest. For the quest only counts the fruits you harvest fresh. What’s in your inventory or your barn does not bring you anything in this case.

The new quest again focuses on Katzlvania Jones.

Once you have started the mission in the farmhouse, time runs out and the harvested fruits are used directly for the task. Only everything that is left over migrates into your barn. The quest consists of five subtasks, in all cases you need the flowers of the kapok tree that was introduced to the current event in Farmerama. In addition, ebony, sometimes betel nuts or ficus fruits are required.

You have different amounts of time for each task. The first job must be completed within ten minutes, the second and third are 15, the fourth 30 and the last 45 minutes. Among other things, you will be rewarded with TEP, Moospennys, golden bananas and superfood. The quest is playable in Farmerama until 2pm on March 21st.



Experience the second part of the League of Angels series! The successor of the successful anime browser game continues seamlessly on the first offshoot of the RPG brand and continues to tell the story of the sexy angels. Dive into a huge fantasy world in League of Angels 2 and experience many exciting and challenging adventures alongside the supernatural creatures! There are new quests waiting on every corner that you have to fulfill if you want to save the world from destruction.


But before you fully enter into the adventure of role-playing , the choice of a suitable character, ie a hero, is on the agenda. The number of angels you can use for your purposes is regularly increased by developer Youzu Interactive. Both your heroes and the units you collect can be steadily improved in League of Angels 2, using resources that you receive as a reward from victorious encounters.

You can increase various attributes of the fantasy fighter and thus underline your own personal style of play. Add new angels to your army by defeating them in battles. Other helpful units, such as the mighty battle pets, can be found at in-game events and added to your squad.

Take it with demons!


Aside from the story, League of Angels 2 also offers a variety of other game modes. Do you enjoy playing against others? Then try PvP games! If your preferred playing style is more in the PvE category, that’s no problem as well. In this case, you are dealing with monsters and dark angelic beings controlled by the AI. It is completely up to you how you want to enjoy the game. In any case, a clever team composition is important. Only if you manage to cleverly combine melee and ranged fighters, damage dealers and healers will you have a chance to emerge victorious from encounters with increasingly powerful enemies.

You expect powerful bosses.


In contrast to the first part of League of Angels 2 has a chic 3D graphics and many visual effects that can be seen and let the game world seem very lively. You can play LoA 2 directly in the web browser, a previous download is not necessary. Of course, like its predecessor title, it is an F2P online game that is available to you free of charge.




There are many pets in Farm Days. A dog proves to be particularly useful. Why? That’s what you learn here.

Farm Days

In the free building game Farm Days, there are several species that can keep you on your virtual farm. In addition to pigs, chickens and cows, so the classic residents of a farm, you can also have a dog as a pet. The little rascal is more than just a nice companion, but also plays a role in the gameplay of Farm Days.

So that such a four-legged pull on your farm, you must of course put him a species-appropriate accommodation. Meant is the kennel. It costs 2000 coins and will be unlocked in the In-Game Shop by Farm Days if you are in the online gameLevel 20 reached. But just because you bought the cabin does not mean it’s right on your farm. You have yet to build it. For this you need different materials: 25 boards, 10 floor mats and 3 bowls.

Once the hut is up, you can buy a dog. You can choose between two races: On the one hand, this would be the classic German shepherd, on the other hand, the cute little Yorkshire Terrier. The former costs you 5 red, 6 blue and 24 green checks, the latter, however, 390 farm dollars.

If you want to build a doghouse, you have to reach level 20 first.

No matter which dog you choose in Farm Days, both are great help. You can search for valuable resources in the farmhouse, in the pond, in the enclosures and even in the mine. The more dogs you send to search, the greater the chance of rare items. A dog does its job only if you have fed it. You will need a portion of meat to administer to your protege every six hours. Just click on the kennel and then on the corresponding icon (where meat is on it).

By the way: If you want, you can name your dogs or all your pets in Farm Days. To do this, click on the respective animal and enter a name in the window that opens. Alternatively, you choose a random name.


With the new update for Path of Exile you get the opportunity to hunt monsters and sacrifice for items.

Path of Exile

Update from 5.3.2018: Grinding Gear Games has released the announced Bestiary update for Path of Exile. PC players can now prove themselves as monster hunters. You kill nearly 300 beasts and sacrifice your loot to make particularly powerful items. For the Xbox One version of Path of Exile, the update will appear this week.

Original message from 16.2.2018:

The Hack and Slay Path of Exile is and remains an absolute positive example for the free-to-play market. While the New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games only demands money for cosmetic items and pets as well as other loot chests, he releases big updates with free content every few months. After 2017, with “Fall of Oriath” a huge expansion with six new story files, this year is followed by a new league that makes you a monster hunter.

The “Bestiary” update for Path of Exile, to which the league owes its name, will be released on March 2nd. Here you are able to catch all kinds of monsters in the game world and ship them to your private zoo. But instead of just watching every day what magnificent or terrifying creatures you have caged in, you sacrifice them, if your hero is ready, on the Blood Altar to craft powerful items. The rarer and stronger the monsters are, the better items you can make.

Incidentally, you fill the new bestiary with each trapped creature in which you retrieve information about the individual creatures. It all reminds a bit of the principle of the “Monster Hunter” games. And given the popularity of the series, it’s pretty cool that Grinding Gear Games is incorporating such a feature into a free update.

But that’s not all that awaits you in two weeks in Path of Exile. The new update adds three new gems and fresh endgame challenges. With the fight against the over-elder, the most demanding role-playing content awaits you according to the developers, In addition, all 19 Ascendance classes are revised and added to new mechanics, which in turn allows fresh builds. This big package will be rounded off with 30 more destinies, a new quest in the tenth act and ten prophecy cards.