There are many pets in Farm Days. A dog proves to be particularly useful. Why? That’s what you learn here.

Farm Days

In the free building game Farm Days, there are several species that can keep you on your virtual farm. In addition to pigs, chickens and cows, so the classic residents of a farm, you can also have a dog as a pet. The little rascal is more than just a nice companion, but also plays a role in the gameplay of Farm Days.

So that such a four-legged pull on your farm, you must of course put him a species-appropriate accommodation. Meant is the kennel. It costs 2000 coins and will be unlocked in the In-Game Shop by Farm Days if you are in the online gameLevel 20 reached. But just because you bought the cabin does not mean it’s right on your farm. You have yet to build it. For this you need different materials: 25 boards, 10 floor mats and 3 bowls.

Once the hut is up, you can buy a dog. You can choose between two races: On the one hand, this would be the classic German shepherd, on the other hand, the cute little Yorkshire Terrier. The former costs you 5 red, 6 blue and 24 green checks, the latter, however, 390 farm dollars.

If you want to build a doghouse, you have to reach level 20 first.

No matter which dog you choose in Farm Days, both are great help. You can search for valuable resources in the farmhouse, in the pond, in the enclosures and even in the mine. The more dogs you send to search, the greater the chance of rare items. A dog does its job only if you have fed it. You will need a portion of meat to administer to your protege every six hours. Just click on the kennel and then on the corresponding icon (where meat is on it).

By the way: If you want, you can name your dogs or all your pets in Farm Days. To do this, click on the respective animal and enter a name in the window that opens. Alternatively, you choose a random name.

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