Farmerama, the free farm game, is expecting a new event quest on Bahamarama just in time for the weekend.


That may sound funny only once, but yes: In the new event quest in free building gameFarmerama it comes to feed statues, but not any. The task is more or less tied to the current “Hunt for the Red Diamond” event with Katzlvania Jones. The adventurous kitty is on the road in the temple on Bahamarama and comes across many locked doors. But there is an easy way to open them: just plant the fruit in the mouths of the statues of the voracious volcanic lizard.

Any Farmerama player building a farm on Bahamarama and unlocking the corresponding chambers in the temple can play the new Event quest. Before you accept the task, you should wait until your trees are ready for harvest. For the quest only counts the fruits you harvest fresh. What’s in your inventory or your barn does not bring you anything in this case.

The new quest again focuses on Katzlvania Jones.

Once you have started the mission in the farmhouse, time runs out and the harvested fruits are used directly for the task. Only everything that is left over migrates into your barn. The quest consists of five subtasks, in all cases you need the flowers of the kapok tree that was introduced to the current event in Farmerama. In addition, ebony, sometimes betel nuts or ficus fruits are required.

You have different amounts of time for each task. The first job must be completed within ten minutes, the second and third are 15, the fourth 30 and the last 45 minutes. Among other things, you will be rewarded with TEP, Moospennys, golden bananas and superfood. The quest is playable in Farmerama until 2pm on March 21st.

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