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Gradually, more and more information about the survival shooter Fortnite come to light. So, at the beginning of your adventure, you have the choice of choosing between four different character classes that are differentiated by their respective abilities. There should be something for every type of player. For example, if you’re more interested in building your fortresses than blowing one enemy at a time, the Constructor class is right for you. Although each character can fight and build, but with this class, the crafting possibilities are much more diverse and cheaper than other game characters.

Contructor, Commando and Ninja

In contrast, the Commando class is an all-round fighter, as you know it from other shooters. In addition, this character can use grenades and mines. One of the fastest and most agile classes is Ninja. With a double jump and his katanas, he makes enemies out of his enemies before they even see him coming. Throwing stars and smoke bombs are also among his combat tools. The scavenger, in turn, is suitable for the looters among you. With this fighter, you collect your loot faster and can thus provide your fellow players with supplies of various things. Each class is also available in a male and female form. But they should not be the only classes. Over time, the American developer wants to deliver more types. Source:Game Informer



During the day, you will gather resources to build a fortress for the night. Because at night the most disgusting creatures appear.

The third-person shooter Fortnite Battle Royale is all about the art of survival. Life could be so nice. During the day, there is a deceptive silence in the mysterious world. Together with your friends, you will search for weapons, traps, and other items that may come in handy later. An all-encompassing darkness has turned the land into a wasteland and you have to rebuild it. However, once the storm rekindles, the environment transforms into a fire-dangerous environment. The only chance to survive is to act as a team and close the gates through which the monsters invade your world.

In addition to collecting weapons and traps, you develop your character in this download gamealso role play typical further. With new abilities and qualities you defy your opponents and win one victory after the other. There is no fight like the other. The environment changes over and over again and presents you with new challenges. Luckily, you’re also skilled in craftsmanship and you make your ultimate killing machine. For example, mount a chainsaw to your rifle, then you can survive in close combat. Should the monsters still be able to break your defenses, you’ll have to cram the holes back quickly. If you take on this task, you decide. Either you push your opponents back and cover your teammates, or you slip into the role of builder and pull up massive walls in the middle of a firefight. But hurry up,

Once you are fed up with monsters and other minions, you can also compete against other players in various PvP modes. For the necessary optical brilliance provides the working in the background Unreal Engine 4. Although you need a powerful computer for this, but you will also be offered a true graphic splendor in Fortnite Battle Royale .