There are new tanks and planes in War Thunder and a significantly improved graphics thanks to Dragor Engine 5.0.

Was Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment has released the big update 1.77 for War Thunder called “Advancing Storm”. Thus, the Russian developer has implemented some new content, but also delivered great technical improvements. Because with the update, the dragor engine used was raised to version 5.0. And that means that the free action game looks noticeably better. Expect a fancier shadow display, better antialiasing, more detailed landscapes and even new weather effects: after it has rained, puddles remain on the streets.

But not only visually, something has happened, but also acoustically. According to Gaijin Entertainment, the individual sounds in War Thunder now consist of several sound layers, which is why they sound much better and more realistic. Thus, even better sounds from your speakers when you process your opponents to metal scrap.

If you’re up for new vehicles, you’ll be well served with “Advancing Storm”. On the tank side, there are five new entries. Among other things, you can look forward to the Soviet T-64B, which has a launch device for the Cobra anti-tank missile. The French AMX-30B2 Brenus is equipped with a dynamic armor. The German Leopard 2K is characterized by its high mobility. And he not only moves fast, but also shoots very fast, thanks to his rapid-fire cannon. Rounding out the portfolio of new tanks in War Thunder by the British Challenger and the American M1 Abrams.

For those in the war game Better to take off, Gaijin’s “Advancing Storm” serves new aircraft and also enhances some of the existing models. Among them are the Martin MB5, which represents an alternative to the Spitfire in the British research tree of War Thunder, and the La-200 of the Soviets.

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